Is The Uk Lagging Behind Other Countries When It Comes To Robot Automation.

According to Robot Race, the world’s top ten automated Countries from the (IFR) International Federation of Robotics, the average Robot Density in manufacturing has increased by 113 units per 10,000 employee’s. Not surprisingly Singapore tops the list with a count of 918 units in 2019.


The most Robot automated regions are Western Europe and the Nordic European Countries, they are followed closely by North America and South East Asia. The UK surprisingly failed to make the top ten, Germany came fourth in the top ten, followed by Sweden, Denmark and Belgium.

Followed by Italy, Denmark, Spain, Austria, France, Slovakia, Switzerland, Slovenia and Finland. Singapore was in the top three including South Korea and japan.


The report asks the question,  when will the UK realise that their productivity cannot and will not improve until it fully embraces Robot automation.  The UK once one of the most powerful industrial nations is now slipping behind other Countries which it eventually may not be able to recover from.

Many businesses within the UK are starting to embrace change and realise that Robot Automation is paramount if they are able to continue to increase their productivity and increase sales but there is much more to be done. If the UK doesn’t embrace Robots fully within their organisations, it is going to take considerable concerted efforts by financial Industries and the government, to correct things.


The recent pandemic has proved that Robots are not only useful but inevitable within Industry and with people being more accepting and having a greater understanding of what they can achieve, many more countries are embracing the changes that are already making a difference.

Robots are not only there to relieve dull and repetitive tasks and help us through difficult times but they also offer potential staff who once did those repetitive tasks the chance to gain access to better trained roles.