How Robot Automation Will Increase Within The UK.

We are not far away from having Robots as work Colleagues and whilst that may be a scary thought for some, many businesses are already adopting Robot automation within their businesses offering staff the chance to not only operate the robots but move on to more productive roles. Automation in many sectors, most notably manufacturing environments has steadily increased over the last five years and is set to continue as technology and software’s have become more reliable and easier to use.

Robots and cobots are excellent in fields where there are many repetitive tasks that can easily be automated and of course the Cobots will continue long after the business has closed increasing productivity and creating a safer working environment.

Many business owners ask if their business is ready for the change but more importantly whether they can afford to automate certain areas of their business. Cobots have reduced significantly in price over the last few years and with many Robot Companies offering the chance to hire as well as purchase, many businesses are able to test Robot automation within their businesses with excellent results. The general feeling amongst industry experts is that businesses cannot afford to ignore Robot automation if they want their business to succeed long term.

The number of Robots in use Worldwide has increased threefold over the past two decades to 2.25 Million. It is estimated that within the next 11 years there could be 14 million Robots put into the work place in China alone.

The UK has been falling behind many other Countries when it comes to adopting Robots in the work force and for the UK, the problem is not too many Robots but too few. The government are to bring in new measures to speed up the take up of automation within the UK. If the transition is managed well, the transition to a more automated British Work Place will make businesses more productive, safer and improve the supply of high quality jobs.