Robot Trends For 2021

Robots are increasing at a dramatic level within industrial settings, the rate of industrial Robot installations has more than tripled within a ten year period from 2010-2019 reaching around 381 thousand units within factories around the world according to a report by the International federation of Robotics.


The aim is to combine traditional strategies with go digital strategies and the report goes on to discuss future Robot trends within Industries.  Robots are very good at learning new tricks and with artificial intelligence combined with vision and other sensing systems getting better all the time, this is allowing Robots to master tasks that in the past would only have been possible by a human hand.


The automotive Industry responsible for pioneering smart factory solutions then allowed the easier use of Robots throughout assembly lines. The future definitely belongs to networked interaction of Robots and autonomous guided vehicles or more commonly known as autonomous guided Robots. These Robots are equipped with the latest in navigational software


Robots are also responsible for reducing carbon footprint and modern Robots are energy efficient, reducing the energy consumption of production.  Robots produce fewer rejections and substandard products.


Robots are now able to enter many more markets, connectivity breakthroughs have contributed to increased Robot adoption in manufacturing but also many other sectors too including food and beverages, textile and plastic sectors.


Robots are also an excellent solution to help secure supply chains especially since the recent pandemic.  The recent pandemic has only highlighted the weakness of globalized supply chains.  Manufacturers now have the opportunity to rethink their supply solutions.  If productivity is leveled by automation, this gives manufactures increased flexibility which would not have been available in high wage countries such as Japan, Republic of Korea, north America and the European Union.  Robot automation provides many more solutions for productivity, flexibility and security.