Here at, we are the industry experts in robotic systems to help across a whole range of sectors. Our flexible systems are based on a standard platform for ease of use. This helps to deliver innovative solutions to a number of manufacturing tasks in multiple industries.

Our cutting-edge robotic equipment makes it easy to automate your production lines in a cost-effective way. In the past, small batch runs or sensitive components were expensive or impossible to automate. With our outstanding machinery, this is no longer the case! The robotic systems our team of experts have developed now make automating your production and assembly lines simple, no matter what you are producing.

What features do our robotic systems contain?

All the systems we have developed include a robotic arm for handling the product along with an ultra-clear camera as an option. They also share the same PC control system and can be integrated with standard robotic controllers usually.

The robotic systems can offer are low cost, ultra reliable and versatile in the extreme. They also deliver short cycle times and can be used with a huge variety of components. Our installed systems have a short set-up time in-between products to drive greater productivity. It is this desire to deliver short payback times and minimum operator intervention that is at the heart of all systems.

With our cutting-edge systems, you can automate any size of batch you need to – large or small. You will still be able to achieve good profit levels even if you have an annual volume around the thousand component mark!

What automated robotic systems can we supply?

For a brief overview of the types of systems we can offer in this area, please see below:

Robotic systems integration first design and then integrate cost-effective robotic solutions for all industries. From standard everyday tasks to more complicated applications, we can help.

Robot clipping systems

The robotic clipping systems we can supply deliver superb reliability and improved efficiency. From standardised semi-automated machines to fully automated examples, we have them all.

Collaborative robots

Easy to program, our collaborative systems have one of the fastest paybacks around. With flexible deployment and in-built safety features, they are simply amazing.

Robo-Flex series

One of the flagships of our robotic systems is the Robo-Flex series. This enables you to access a flexible handling system with automated robotic technology for greater productivity.

What other robotic systems do offer?

The truth is that, as one of the leading names in the sector, we can help with pretty much anything in terms of robotics. Our Past Presentation Solutions are the best around with innovative feeding systems, jigs and many more to purchase. We have many types of robots that power our superior systems from 6/7 Axis to Scara, Cartesian, vision-guided and collaborative.

All this means our effective robotic solutions are ideal for a wide range of industrial tasks including:

– material handling

– assembly

– picking and packing

– loading pallets

– welding

The above are just some of the tasks that our automated robotic machinery can help with. Get in touch today to find out more.

Why use robotic systems?

If you are looking for systems that are cost-effective and will help make your business more productive, then we can help.

Our robotic systems are extremely user-friendly which means your employees do not need to waste time on long training sessions. Our robotic systems also offer a fast changeover process that opens up an almost limitless product range to you. Simple to integrate with a range of production equipment, they deliver a great return on your investment in the shortest time possible.

Get in touch today to find out more about our fabulous robotic systems.