Robots In The Workplace

Automation is a key ingredient in order to enhance business growth and there has been much speculation about Robots and A1 technology taking over Human jobs but what these technologies are showing as we advance is that rather than replacing humans, Robots and Robot Automation is working nicely alongside humans, building economies and increasing revenue.


Studies are showing that in order to have strong economies, we need to achieve fully automated workspaces.  Many industries have already implemented Robots into their environments to minimize Labor and maximize work efficiency.


The International Federation of Robots have recently released a press release that says, the new world Robotics 2020 industrial Robots Report shows a record 2.7 million industrial robots operating in factories around the world.  This is an increase of 12% and sales of new Robots remain high with approximately 373000 new units shipped globally in 2019.


Robots can now work in adverse environments, some not needing light or ventilation and some Robots are designed specifically to take up dangerous and monotonous tasks once carried out by humans.  Robots have already decreased in price and will continue to do so as they become more popular in workplaces and we now know that Robots do not require consistent investment unlike hiring humans.


The bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFG which is the largest bank in Japan has already introduced a humanistic Robot called NAO.  This Robot is used largely for customer interaction and other organizations adopting the same are Amazon who have incorporated several Robots in their warehouses.  These Robots rather than replace Human workers, work alongside them enhancing business growth in many ways including carrying out dangerous and monotonous tasks quicker than humans and with more precision.


There are also challenges to overcome and Robots are largely complex in their nature and there is still a lot of skill and time needed to program Robots. Communication between Robots is also still a work in progress to ensure there are no standoffs and problems going forward, however the future looks bright and any of the challenges that once faced Organizations are being overcome by new and advanced technology.