The Rise Of The Machines – Highest Density Of Robot Workers.

The International Federation of Robotics presented new data showing that around 2.7 million Industrial Robots were operating in Factories around the World in 2019. This is the highest level ever recorded in History and insiders are describing this as the rise of the machines.

Surprisingly sales of new Robots declined by 12% in 2018, over 373,000 units were shipped globally last year, this is the third highest sales volume ever to be recorded. Demand is very strong in India, with Asia having the strongest market for Industrial Robots and when it comes to Robot density, it is now estimated that there are 113 units per 10,000 workers Globally.

For Economies that have strong automotive and manufacturing Industries, the figures are estimated to be far higher. South Korea is one example where there are 855 Industrial Robots per 10,000 employee’s. The situation is similar in Japan where many major Companies including Toyota and Mitsubishi have led to consistent demand for industrial Robots for many years.

The pace of automation in the United states lessened last year with the number of installations down by 17% in 2018, however the united states can still report very Robust sales with an estimated 33,000 shipped units alone in 2018. The Data shows that the United states had an estimated 228,000 Industrial Robots per 10,000 of its workers in 2019.

The data recorded also shows that Globally 73% of new Industrial Robot installations occurred in five Countries in 2019, South Korea, Germany, United states, Japan and china.

Demand is particularly strong in India where the number of units has doubled in just five years and India now has the third highest volume on the Continent after China and Japan.