Amy Waitress on Good Morning Britain

Amy Waitress brings Hosts there morning cup of Tea on Good Morning Britain.
They liked Amy so much they had her stick around for a debate and more roaming (and the odd PhotoBomb between the debate at the end).

Bride Magazine Review

Would you hire a robot wedding photographer for your big day? One happy couple did just that!
Using facial recognition Eva is able to roam around and take Photos of guests before asking if they would like their photo taken.

Eva’s First UK Prom

Eva’s Revolutionary Touch Screen and Interface proves popular at the first UK Prom with students able to take pictures and instantly print them off.

“Eva proves popular everywhere she goes – she offers a glimpse into the future and the ability to interact with some truly incredible technology.
“The team at wish the students at Kinver a God onward journey in their Careers and hope it will be a robot based journey!”

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