CNC Automation


Cobot CNC Tending

CNC machine tending can be mundane and repetitive. Typically such machines require a human operator to attend to them, for example, to change tools or replace raw materials. The process can be long and tiring for a human worker so cobots are being increasingly used to free up staff time and increase productivity. What is […]

Robot Process Automation


Automated Palletising From Bots UK

Automated Palletising is the operation of loading objects on a pallet in a selected order. Many factories have automated their process of palletising with a robotic solution. Here at Bots UK we have made it easy for business to begin to automate their palletising process by providing a technology that has an enormous amount of […]


Vibratory Bowl Feeder

UK's Biggest Bowl Feeder Supplier • Made in the UK • 3 Years Warranty Vibratory bowl feeders are designed drying, screening, cooling usage etc. they are devices used in feeding separate component part for gathering on industrial manufacture line. They are mostly used when a randomly organized bulk bundle of small components must be fed [...]


Hire a Robot – Franka Panda from £2.70p/hour

Now that the UK government are investing millions in Robotic Automation, we at have made it easy for businesses to implement robots in the workforce. Bots flexible hiring service will allow businesses to be able to hire Franka Panda (and all our robots) from as little as £2.70p/hour. Franka Panda is a sleek robot […]


German Engineering At Your Fingertips

We all know the saying about German Engineering, well here at Bots we have become the UK’s only distributor of Franka Emika robots and are super excited about what this could do to the UK’s manufacturing sector. Franka Emika’s Panda robot is the latest advancement in collaborative robots and is the worlds first CE out […]


Bots and Cryptic create a futuristic world with robots

At Bots we love creativity, so being part of Cryptic’s project to transform the Clyde Tunnel in Glasgow is a great way to see how our bots can be used in creative ways! The project showcases the use of interactive  and collaborative robots in any space. Cryptic’s Portal is an audio visual walk through that […]


Bots installs UR10 Robot for Photography Studio deploys Universal Robot UR10 on behalf of London based Photography Studio. The studio were seeking a robot to mount their video camera to on a temporary basis. The objective was to enable smooth transitional filming, that was consistent when filming various products. Hiring the UR10 for photography and video purposes, worked out more cost […]


Why automate? Then and now

That was then… Over the last decade, automation has not been as common within the UK as it has been within other countries, mainly to the large cost of integration with industrial robots, plus the excessive safety precautions required when using industrial robots. This has lead to many businesses either ignoring automation needs, or offshoring […]


How to speed up production with a Cobot

Using a collaborative robot as part of automation within a factory has its many advantages. And one of which is appealing to many businesses is how it can speed up production resulting in lower production costs. So, in what different ways a cobot can speed up production? Non-stop, overnight or 24/7 working: The cobot can […]


Will a Cobot take my job?

Some may be concerned that the introduction of cobots will “reduce jobs” “take over jobs” etc. However we would like to reassure you that this is not the case… Firstly, let’s clarify what a Cobot is and what it does. A “Cobot” is short for collaborative robot – This means that they work collaboratively WITH and […]