Why automate? Then and now

That was then… Over the last decade, automation has not been as common within the UK as it has been within other countries, mainly to the large cost of integration with industrial robots, plus the excessive safety precautions required when using industrial robots. This has lead to many businesses either ignoring automation needs, or offshoring

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How to speed up production with a Cobot

Using a collaborative robot as part of automation within a factory has its many advantages. And one of which is appealing to many businesses is how it can speed up production resulting in lower production costs. So, in what different ways a cobot can speed up production? Non-stop, overnight or 24/7 working: The cobot can

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Will a Cobot take my job?

Some may be concerned that the introduction of cobots will “reduce jobs” “take over jobs” etc. However we would like to reassure you that this is not the case… Firstly, let’s clarify what a Cobot is and what it does. A “Cobot” is short for collaborative robot – This means that they work collaboratively WITH and

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Rise in Humanoid Robot Demand for 2018 Across Retail

Humanoid robots are robots that resemble the body shape and characteristics of humans such as the ability to walk in upright position. Humanoid robots typically possess physical appearance similar to that of a human, including two arms, two legs, and a head. Characteristics of humanoid robots include autonomous learning, safe interaction with the surrounding environment

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Southend On Sea Council Employs Pepper Robot

Southend-on-Sea has unveiled a new mini robot which they argue will help the council transform its social care services by freeing up under-pressure staff. Pepper, a small ‘humanoid’ robot, is able to communicate and perceive emotions. It is also able to adapt its behaviour and make independent decisions. Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is the first local

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