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How Robot Automation Will Increase Within The UK.

We are not far away from having Robots as work Colleagues and whilst that may be a scary thought for some, many businesses are already adopting Robot automation within their businesses offering staff the chance to not only operate the robots but move on to more productive roles. Automation in many sectors, most notably manufacturing […]



How Robot Automation Will Increase And Enhance Your business.

Robots and cobots are becoming increasingly used in corporate, industrial and logistical applications and more businesses are realising the benefits of automation within their organisations. offer an extensive range of hire choices for your business which not only reduces the costs considerably but gives you the chance to fully explore the possibility of automation […]

Agricultural Robots


How robotic technology is changing the agricultural sector

Agricultural robots play an important role in agriculture in the 21st century. According to reports, market research has revealed that the robotics market is expected to reach 11.58 billion come 2025. Robots make work easier and faster and they also increase the efficiency of agricultural processes. Countries like Japan which are unable to meet the […]


How to balance your robotics and human workforce

If you are not familiar with the term Industry 5.0, it is a term used to describe the peak of human-robotics integration in the workplace. The combination of artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning and human workforce in organisations is no longer just a means to gain a competitive advantage in the market but a necessity […]


What does hiring a robot say about your business?

Robot hire is still yet to fully take off in popularity, though it’s inevitable that it will, so many businesses are left unsure about the image robot hire will present. If you’re thinking about hiring a robot, either for a trade show, event, or for use within your business, what is it actually going to […]

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Staying ahead in business with AI

The idea of a robot running your business once sounded like fiction, but that is our reality today. Because of technological advancements in automation and artificial intelligence, robots are now revolutionizing companies all across the world. From the hospitality industry to accountancy and manufacturing, robots help to increase productivity, save costs and improve the image […]


Bowl feeders

Bowl feeders are commonly used within industrial production lines to quickly feed small components from one part of the process to the other. They ensure that the components are fed into the next machine individually, at a fast but controlled rate and oriented the right way. All our bowl tops and accompanying drive units have […]

Panda Cobot


Getting started with collaborative robots

Collaborative robots, widely known as cobots, are those designed to work alongside humans without posing any safety risks. Cobots are a smart addition to your facility especially when seeking to automate packaging or manufacturing processes since they improve productivity and reduce costs. Available in different models and sizes, there are a few points to keep […]

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What a factory of the future looks like: Cobots in manufacturing

Our vision of manufacturing is set to change dramatically in the future. Expect further interconnectivity and automation with opportunities for greater collaboration between humans and robots. Improved quality of output and better productivity is the prize, but it is hoped that cobots can also save workers on the factory floor from monotonous tasks and safety […]


Mobile Industrial Robots.

Why are mobile industrial robots better for health & safety? In years gone past, the only way for people to move stock around their commercial premises was with a manually operated forklift truck. Modern advances in technology have seen a much better and increasingly popular alternative be developed though – the mobile industrial robot. What […]