Panda Cobot


Getting started with collaborative robots

Collaborative robots, widely known as cobots, are those designed to work alongside humans without posing any safety risks. Cobots are a smart addition to your facility especially when seeking to automate packaging or manufacturing processes since they improve productivity and reduce costs. Available in different models and sizes, there are a few points to keep

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kassow robot


What a factory of the future looks like: Cobots in manufacturing

Our vision of manufacturing is set to change dramatically in the future. Expect further interconnectivity and automation with opportunities for greater collaboration between humans and robots. Improved quality of output and better productivity is the prize, but it is hoped that cobots can also save workers on the factory floor from monotonous tasks and safety

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Mobile Industrial Robots.

Why are mobile industrial robots better for health & safety? In years gone past, the only way for people to move stock around their commercial premises was with a manually operated forklift truck. Modern advances in technology have seen a much better and increasingly popular alternative be developed though – the mobile industrial robot. What

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MiR 500


How can mobile industrial robots boost factory productivity?

Factories are the real backbone of any country’s economy and help the whole nation to thrive. Within these commercial settings, there is a constant need to handle stock and move goods about. In the past, this would have been done via old fashioned manual forklift trucks, piloted by a human driver. However, modern times call

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CNC Automation


Cobot CNC Tending

CNC machine tending can be mundane and repetitive. Typically such machines require a human operator to attend to them, for example, to change tools or replace raw materials. The process can be long and tiring for a human worker so cobots are being increasingly used to free up staff time and increase productivity. What is

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Cobot Interview


Bots CEO Tim Warrington speaking to the BBC about Collaborative Robots

Tim Warrington speaking to the BBC about collaborative robots at the Automation and Robotics Showcase in An Lochran, Inverness. The event was hosted by Highlands and Islands Enterprise where he explained the benefits of cobots to increase productivity, achieve higher efficiency and reduce costs Tim also emphasised on how cobots can help to overcome the UK

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