Covid-19- Robots increasingly Working Alongside humans

The recent Pandemic has changed the World in ways we could never have imagined, not only have our personal and social lives changed but the way we go to work and the conditions within work places have changed and will remain changed for quite some time.


The Coronavirus outbreak is speeding up the use of Robots in many industries to control and maintain social distancing. Robots are also being used to clean which speeds up the process and ensures the most effective cleaning methods are being used. The UV Cleaning Robot is being used in Hospitals, Care homes, Shopping Centres and many more settings to ensure the cleaning process is as effective as it can be to stop the spread of the virus.


Covid-19 is changing consumer process and therefore opening up new opportunities for Robot Automation.  Robots are offering Companies a solution to manage and implement social distancing, Robots are also filling the gap of staff that choose not to return to work to protect their Families.  Health experts predict the social measures will be in place at least through the most part of 2021, Robots will become commonplace in most public places.


Walmart is using Robots to scrub the floors whilst Robots in South Korea are being used to distribute hand sanitiser’s and take Temperatures.  The use of UV Cleaning Robots in Restaurants and Grocery stores is also increasing as businesses adapt to the new changes whilst trying to maintain business as usual.


Consumers are also very aware of how their foods are packaged and the handling process, Robots are particularly useful in this instance. Delivery Robots and service Robots are being used to both serve Customers and package foods minimizing human contact.


We are living in changing times and we are beginning to see how Robots can enhance many industries working alongside Humans to ensure both safety and efficiency.