Tips for balancing a human and robotic workforce

In businesses, technology is playing an important role in increasing efficiency and productivity through automation. As a technology, robots were initially employed in the manufacturing sector as their automation allowed them to effectively carry out repetitive precision tasks that would otherwise be costly or difficult for human labour to achieve.

Balancing human and robotic workforce

The use of robots currently extends to the corporate world where they interact with the customers and other humans in the organization. This calls for a balance to be created to ensure both the human and robotics in the personnel are in harmony for maximum productivity.

Below are some tips that will help managers foster a harmonious work environment with both humans and robots:

1. Provide IT education and training

One major cause of friction in robotics and human workforce is lack of knowledge and understanding on the part of the humans. The individuals without advanced technological know-how may not have a clear picture of what is going on, leading them to react negatively to the robots.

To avoid this, staff should be educated and trained in working with robots and other supporting software systems. In doing so, employees will not only be able to maintain their future productivity but also ensure the safe and efficient utilization of the robots.

2. Foster a strong organizational culture

One great source of workforce morale is the workforce culture which makes them feel a part of the organization. With the integration of robots, it is easy for employees to lose the sense of workplace culture, resulting in uncertainties for the future. This could lower productivity and consequently lead to losses.

Strong workplace culture will make the integration of robots into the organization a smoother process as the employees will be able to understand the changes and be in support of them.

3. Show appreciation to the human workforce

The efficiency of robots in the workplace is remarkable to the point that it could reduce appreciation for human efforts. This could reduce morale and feelings of negativity towards the robots if not addressed.

In order to make the employees feel appreciated, managers should offer promotion when necessary, ensuring the robots handle the more menial jobs. The humans will appreciate the concern and motivate them to increase their productivity.

4. Assign humans roles related to customer service

Although robots are highly efficient in their tasks, it takes humans to understand and relate well to another human. This is the reason why the human personnel in a mixed workforce should handle the roles related to the service of customers.

While the robots handle the tasks requiring efficiency and accuracy, the humans will ensure the customers are offered with a personalized service that is able to meet both their needs as a customer and as a human being.

When setting up a company using robots, you could ensure the efficiency and productivity of your work environment by avoiding unnecessary friction between robots and human personnel. The tips prescribed above will ensure that their morale of the human resources is maintained and they are able to take full advantage of the robots for the benefit of your organization.