Why Only 16% Of Small Business Enterprise Manufacturers Are Using Robots.

Its estimated that just 16% of the UK’s (small and medium business enterprise) manufacturers use Robots in their applications, 13% of UK’s SME’s have plans to use Robots in the very near future.  A further 70% are either unsure about whether to implement them or are not planning on doing so in the near future.


The manufacturers using Robots are using them for applications such as loading and unloading machines, 12% for forming and cutting, 15% are used for assembly 20% of manufacturers that use Robots report improvement in areas of quality, production and safety.


A recent study reported that manufacturers are finding it hard to recruit, increase sales and invest back in their businesses.  The report clearly shows that we are in desperate need for more technological solutions and the opportunities and potential that Robots create within organizations  must be realized if the UK is to stay ahead.


Business owners still wrongly assume that Robots are hard to use, expensive and some are unsure what effect they will have on their staff and their organization.  Robots including Cobots have decreased in price dramatically over the last five years and the technology has been greatly improved with simple and easy software implemented. This means staff can now be easily trained on how to use Robots as part of their job role.


The report greatly encourages businesses and manufacturers  to look at the benefits Robots can create within their organizations.  There is a great need for those manufacturers that are unsure about implementing Robots to look at what their competitors are doing and think seriously about implementing Robots into their organization.