Demystifying the biggest myths around collaborative robots

Collaborative robots (cobots) have enhanced industrial automation in unprecedented ways through their unique, high-tech, and exciting capabilities. The robots have revolutionised manufacturing by reducing the cost and resources used in various process. Despite the advancements witnessed in the robotic technology, the idea of automation using cobots still elicits false myths and misconceptions, especially from people without adequate knowledge about them or those who had experience with traditional cobots that were highly non-collaborative and less efficient. To help in clearing up the confusion, let’s debunk and bust some common myths about cobots that cause fear among people.

Cobots create unemployment

The notion that robots steal jobs and render people unemployed in the process is probably one of the biggest concerns in most sectors. However, this is not true since cobots add value and increase employment opportunities by effectively handling difficult and repetitive jobs in a short time. Subsequently, the productivity and profitability of the business is increased, which enables it to expand and create more jobs rather than retrenchment of workers.

Cobots are for complex tasks

Cobots are not just meant for complex operations in large manufacturing companies. They can be used to create great results even in the automation of the simplest of operations without necessarily considering the scale of output. Even in small entities, they still offer the benefits of assured accuracy and consistency. Cobots have gone mainstream with millions of them being used globally today in different environments, including small businesses.

Cobots are expensive to acquire, implement, and maintain

When the payback period and return on investment are considered, cobots are actually cost-effective. They offer enhanced efficiency and can be deployed for various tasks across a production line without tiring. Installing and maintaining them requires little investment in personnel with basic programming skills. Therefore, cobots offer far more cost benefits that trump those involved in their acquisition and operation.

Cobots pose danger and safety concerns

Contrary to this misconception, humans can safely work and collaborate with cobots without any harm or injuries in the working environment. Unlike traditional robots, modern cobots undergo a thorough safety check and risk assessments before they are deemed fit, certified, and released into the market for use.

Rather than fearing the technological advancements presented by cobots, it is important to embrace and take advantage of them. They are cost-effective in the long-term, safe, more effective, and will undoubtedly enhance your company’s competitive edge.

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