How can mobile industrial robots boost factory productivity?

Factories are the real backbone of any country’s economy and help the whole nation to thrive. Within these commercial settings, there is a constant need to handle stock and move goods about. In the past, this would have been done via old fashioned manual forklift trucks, piloted by a human driver.

However, modern times call for modern methods – this is where mobile industrial robots come in. MIRs, as they are also known, are being seen more often in factories now for the advantages they offer. One key benefit for many commercial businesses is the boost to productivity they deliver.

But how can MIRs make your business more efficient and productive?

Automated processes

The first boost to any factory’s productivity with these machines is the fact that they are fully automated. Once programmed with the parameters you require, they can be left to complete the work. Of course, you can check in now and then to keep an eye on their progress, but their automated nature frees you up to get through other work. This sees you achieve more and spend less time managing people.

Always finds the best way to complete tasks

Another superb boost to any warehouse or factory’s productivity with MIRs is how they complete any work you set them. As they operate to a set of pre-defined criteria, they will always find the quickest and most productive way to complete a task. This, in turn, allows them to get through more work in a day than manual, human workers. Many MIRs can also be programmed to look for new work once they complete their current task – this cannot be said of all human workers who may instead go for a break!

Never off ill or on leave

There is no doubt that absence due to illness or annual leave can dent your factory’s productivity. While this is unavoidable with human employees, mobile industrial robots are a different matter. As they are machines, they never get ill and do not need time off. This means they are always in work and beavering away to get more done.

Always work to their maximum

MIRs do not care if it is Monday morning or Friday afternoon – they simply work to their maximum capacity 24/7 until the job is done. This gives them a distinct advantage over human workers who produce less due to the very nature of how we operate as humans. Naturally, people will also only be able to work for a certain number of hours per day and need a break every weekend – robots do not and so can help you get more done.

Mobile industrial robots are a viable choice

While humans will always be needed in the workplace, there is clear evidence that mobile industrial robots have a part to play too. In settings like the factory, they are superb for helping to boost productivity and get more work done as shown above.