Robotic process Automation

Robotic process automation is simply a form of business process automation technology involving metaphorical software robots (bots) or artificial intelligence. Robotic process automation will both streamline and dramatically reduce costs, enabling businesses to focus on more complex procedures within a business.

Robotic process automation is an application of technology governed by structured inputs and business logic.  A Company can use Robotic Process automation (RPA) tools to configure software or use a Robot to capture and interpret applications.  Examples of RPA’s range from something as simple as generating an auto email response to deploying thousands of bots all programmed to automate repetitive and simple jobs.

Robot Process Automation
Robotic Automation

There are many advantages to robotic process automation including eliminating human error, safety in the work place and increased efficiency and productivity. The initial outlay needed to implement RPA does not have to be a very high cost and many businesses automate one area of their business at a time.

RPA Robots simply utilize the user interface to capture data and manipulate applications in a way humans would normally do.  They will interpret and communicate with other systems in order to perform a number of repetitive tasks.  The tasks performed however will be precise and no mistakes will be made.  Robotic process automation robots are capable of mimicking many if not most human user actions.

Robots are here to stay and the UK are fast catching up on their potential benefits within businesses and the faster their potentials are harvested, the faster businesses will be able to create a competitive edge within their organization and Industries.

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