How robotic technology is changing the agricultural sector

Agricultural robots play an important role in agriculture in the 21st century. According to reports, market research has revealed that the robotics market is expected to reach 11.58 billion come 2025. Robots make work easier and faster and they also increase the efficiency of agricultural processes. Countries like Japan which are unable to meet the demands for agricultural labour have resorted to robotic technology with very positive outcomes.

Here are some of the ways in which robots have aided in providing efficient labour in agricultural industries…

1. Nursery planting

In a plant nursery, seeds grow into young plants. Some of the companies like Harvest Automation and Heto Agrotechnics provide solutions of automation for potting, seeding, and warehousing plants which are grown in greenhouses.

2. Crop seeding

The common way of planting seeds involves farmers using a broadcast spreader attached to a tractor which spreads the seed in the farm. This process wastes a lot of seed and is not an efficient method.

Autonomous seeding combines robotic technology with geo-mapping. A map is created showing the soil properties such as quality and density at every point of the field. The tractor with a robotic seedling attachment then fixes the seeds at exact locations and depths so that each has the best chance for growth.

3. Crop monitoring and analysis

Monitoring big pieces of farmlands is time-consuming and requires a lot of energy. By introducing robotic sensors and geo-mapping technology, it is easier for farmers to receive a higher level of data regarding their crops, such as their growth rate and condition. This can be achieved through the use of ground robots and drones.

4. Crop weeding and spraying

Spraying pesticide chemicals can harmful to humans, therefore robots provide a much more efficient method. Micro-spraying robots detect weeds using computer vision technology and then target the specific plant and drop herbicides on them.

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