Is The Fear That Robots Will Eliminate Jobs False.

There is and always has been a widespread fear that Robots will eliminate jobs and one of the most pressing issues leaders have is to create long term plans for retaining their work forces as well as integrating robots into their establishments and work forces.


The question of whether Robots will replace some workers will always be asked and the simple answer is yes, there will be some jobs that will be taken over by Robots but for every one of these workers whom Robots replace, there will be additional jobs created in the form of newly skilled workers who will maintain, program and design these Robots.


Many Businesses are already incorporating Robot Automation within their factories and on assembly lines to carry out dangerous and monotonous tasks and likewise Robots are already being used in fields such as space exploration, bomb detonation and land mine clearing, potentially jobs which are too dangerous for humans.


The general fear of Robots eliminating jobs is perfectly understandable but we must look at the history to fully understand.  In 1859 oil was discovered in Titusville Pennsylvania, factories producing whale oil to light homes and streets panicked as this was a real threat to their livelihood.

One Young Chemist did not panic however and decided to travel to the oil site to have a look around. He noticed a thick jelly like substance accumulating at the base of the wells, this was clogging production but he also noticed that oil workers were using this substance to ease their burns and abrasions.

The Chemist collected as much of the substance as he could and took it home to do some testing, to cut a very long story short, he distilled the substance into what we now know is Petroleum Jelly.

The jobs that were consequently lost from the Whale oil Industry were replaced numerous times over by jobs created in the oil Industry.

Robots will not only do things easier, faster and more accurately, they will also perform tasks Humans shouldn’t be doing because they are too dangerous, whilst some jobs will be lost, many others will be created.