Robot Automation In Greater Demand Due To Covid-19

There have been many changes in our lives since the recent Covid-19 pandemic and some of these changes will be permanent lifestyle changes, others such as social distancing will be present for quite some time.


The Food Industry has emerged as an interesting talking point since the Pandemic arrived and this is largely due to factors such as Hygiene and safety which have resulted is discussions centred around Robot Automation especially in Food manufacturing.


The recent development of new technologies means Robot automation within factories providing food processes are capable of providing end to end automation for certain processed foods. The aim is to minimize worker presence across the production process to help reduce possible contamination.


Automation varies depending on the function where it is integrated, IE upstream or downstream processing of a product.  Robot Automation in Food processing not only reduces the risk of contamination, it makes the process quicker but also enables the production of better quality foodsRobot Automation is very good at identifying discrepancies as well as foreign objects in a product.


Robots are being used for different functions such as Tray Denester’s, metal detection/check weighing system, automatic tray filling and product distribution systems.  Many businesses are adapting Robot automation to stabilize their outputs, reduce costs but also to ensure their production is not affected by the recent crisis by being able to confidently continue production with limited contamination.


Robot Automation is also benefiting businesses who are adhering to strict social distancing measures within their establishments. It is proving logistically difficult to continue business in the normal way with the restrictions on the movement of individuals.  Automated systems ca be controlled and monitored remotely. This reduces the risk to staff by allowing the factory to operate remotely.


Robot Automation within the UK is increasing steadily but since the recent pandemic, we are more aware of the need for automation to control and maintain normal business practices.   Robot automation will also increase in other industries including Restaurants, Airports, Care Homes and many others.