Robotic Trends To Look Out For In 2020-2021

The Robotics industry has been steadily rising and growing over the last few years and individuals and larger corporations have been able to perform a multitude of tasks in a much more efficient way.  This is largely due to massive developments within the industry including new and improved software and technologies.


As the robotics industry continues to evolve and change, there are numerous trends which insiders expect to see within the industry.  Insiders predict that larger robotic Companies will come together to offer better and more professional services. One example of this would be mobile robot companies joining forces with gripper Companies in order to produce the best service for their customers.


Another trend insiders expect to see in 2020 through early 2021 involves the inventory that is held by retailers. It is expected that retailers in warehouses will soon be able to increase their number of SKU’s.  Without the use of Robots, additional and costly labor would be needed and this is very rarely cost effective for companies.  Robots will become much more mainstream within organisations and businesses, improving our understanding and helping us to have the confidence to implement them into our daily practices.


There is also the debate regarding Cobots and industrial Robots and the debate surrounding which one is more effective. It is predicted that attitudes will greatly change and Companies will focus on the task at hand rather than the individual Robot.  It is now considered that both Cobots and Industrial robots are equally effective in their applications and Companies will not choose one over the other moving through 2021, both will see effective growth.


The Robotics Industry is predicted to become incredibly profitable over the next few years as more Companies realise how Robots can greatly benefit their Businesses.