The evolution of cobots – how technology is helping industry become superhuman

Panda Cobot

If workforces during the industrial revolution could see how industrial and manufacturing processes have changed and evolved, it might just blow their minds. The future is not just about cobot collaborative robots and humans working together, it is about raising the level of automation, how it is used in manufacturing and industry, and how that can be made to enhance human abilities to a much greater level than ever before.

Automated industrial technologies are big business

Not only have big companies like Shell signed contracts with businesses such as Emerson Industrial Automation to enhance and modernise operations, but Bilfinger Industrial Automation Services are now market leaders in providing consultancy on how to utilise automated industrial technologies to maximise productivity and cost efficiency.

Delegating more menial, basic functions to cobots frees up resources that can be used in more creative ways and enables people to work on tasks that are more capable of bringing job satisfaction.

Advances in cobot technology

Cobots are now more sensitive to the changes and programming that can be implemented by their human work partners and can adapt to requirements as needed. Updating and adapting programming technology can enhance the way automation is being utilised.

Automating with Profinet industrial communication based on industrial Ethernet is now possible, opening up communication from corporal management level down to the actual processes. This in itself adds an extra layer of security in automation control engineering, which in turn means heightened efficiency and accuracy and even less margin for human error. The programming works on fast real-time communication and integrates complex applications into manageable units, once again allowing for automated technology to take on the burdens that would otherwise be a headache to their human counterparts.

Better performance

When humans work alongside robotic/cobotic colleagues, a new standard is developed. The transition of introducing new technology in cobot automation has been gradual but now there is a visible incremental rise in interest and development. And as the technology escalates it broadens the scope for what future automation can offer.

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