The future of packaging

The unexpected ways packaging automation is changing the industry for the better
When we think of automation, especially in factories or industry, we often think of robots as a replacement for people. But when it comes to fields such as packaging, the introduction of automation has done far more than making existing jobs more efficient. It’s changed the way we do packaging in more ways than one. As the landscape changes and innovations come into play, robotics are likely going to affect packaging even more in the future.

But what exactly have robots done that humans could not? If you’re wondering what the future of packaging is, and the unexpected ways that automation has triggered that transformation, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on for just a few of the different ways that robots have had a direct effect on how we work with packaging today:

More room for creativity

In the past, and especially when it came to smaller businesses, the concept of getting creative with packaging was overshadowed by cost. From the cost of printing complex designs to the workforce required to assemble less straightforward packaging, the effort versus the output was rarely worth it. But as automation has made the process of packaging more efficient, from printing through to posting, there’s more room than ever for creativity. Because of the lower cost of experimenting with your brand, creating distinctive and unique packaging is more accessible than ever before.

Greater variety in materials

Creativity goes far beyond the words printed on your product or the design of your brand. The materials we use to create packaging is also rapidly becoming more varied, in part thanks to automation. Because the robotics we use are equipped with the ability to work with more materials than ever, packaging made from anything from biodegradable materials to delicate substances is now possible. Automation and creativity go hand in hand if you know where to look.

Personalisation of products

For modern consumers, personalisation is a bigger trend than ever. That means their name on everything from the product itself to the packaging it’s delivered in, and that means more time and money investment to create packaging that customers love. By integrating automation, personalising products doesn’t have to be as time and money-consuming as it would be in the past; allowing for perfectly customised packaging without a ridiculous price tag attached.

If you think automation is the future of packaging, then investing in technology today is your path to get a slice of that action. At, we’re the automation experts that can bring your business into that future. Drop us a line today to find out more about what we can do for you.