Pandemic Accelerates Robot Automation

The recent pandemic has both stopped and changed things in ways we could not imagine a year ago. Although some semblance of normality is resuming in many businesses, the world is still a very different place and will remain so for some time.


Robotic Automation before the pandemic was slowly filtering into many industries as our understanding of the processes increased and the costs decreased but since the pandemic, Robotic automation has increased dramatically for different reasons.


In many Countries recycling centres were immediately closed when the pandemic broke and some have still not reopened, the risk and fear of contamination is still large but one solution for sorting through the clothes is Robots.  In America particularly, the recycling Industry are making good use of Robots to sort through recycling and separate the rubbish from kept items.


The fear of Robotic Automation as a replacement for human jobs is now shifting as many businesses are eager to resume some semblance of normality and become operational once again. Robots, particularly delivery Robots are increasing within the hospitality Industry, particularly in Restaurants. They are being used for a wide variety of tasks such as delivering food to Customers, cleaning floors and washing dishes within the kitchen to solve the issue of  social  distancing measures.


Many businesses are still not fully staffed and one example is PayPal who have turned to chatbots using them for a record 65% of message based Customer enquiries in recent weeks.


The hospitality sector has changed considerably, many are turning to online sales and take away meals whilst premises have been closed. Many of these Restaurants are now opening once again but are maintaining their Take away services as they have increased revenue considerably.


Robot Automation will continue to increase but many business owners are now viewing it as a necessity rather than an experimental choice within their establishments.