Lead Your Workforce Into The Future

Collaborative robots are fuelling productivity and here at Bots UK we are encouraging the use of collaborative robots by making it accessible to the UK market through our flexible hiring service. Businesses can hire and test the robots suitability and explore the benefits that automation can bring into the workforce.

Bots Uk distributes all robots, provides training and support along with performing maintenance checks. And if you still feel you need more training we provide that too!

We’re super excited to offer businesses the chance to modernise their processes with our Robots from as little as £2.70per hour. Contact us for a free onsite consultation and see where the future will take your business.


Hire Cost
Hire any robot from £2.70 per hour with zero upfront cost

Free 1.5 hours of training provided by our automation team. We also provide any other addition training you may require

Programming Onsite 
Our experienced tech team will programme the robots for your desired automation needs

Maintenance and Security 
Ongoing maintenance can be provided with equipment protection

Low Risk
Zero upfront investment and no long-term commitment

Universal UR5 and UR10

Why hire a Robot from Bots.co.uk?

✓ Zero upfront investment
✓ Prices from £2.70 per hour
✓ No long-term commitment
✓ No minimum agreement
✓ We install for you
✓ Training provided