Enjoy all the benefits of hiring a robot from Bots as an alternative to purchasing

Collaborative robots are still relatively new to the industry, therefore, are still unfamiliar and also expensive for many businesses. The average collaborative robot can cost over £20k in an upfront investment – more than the average annual salary.

Whilst programming a collaborative robot is easier to program than an industrial robot, staff can still be discouraged and hindered to learn and operate new equipment.

On top of the initial investment and implementation, there is also the worry of how to maintain the robot, when needed. Should the robot fail to function, there is a huge investment liable to risk.

These, among other reasons, can put automation out of reach of most manufacturers…

Making Automation Accessible & Affordable

Affordable Cost
Hire a robot from £2.70 per hour with zero upfront initial cost

Assisted Programming onsite 
Technically trained experts to programme the robot for your needs on site

Maintenance plus security
Ongoing maintenance can be provided with protection against equipment failure

Low Risk
With zero upfront investment and no long-term commitment there is low risk

Why would you not hire?

Universal UR5 and UR10

Why hire a Robot from Bots.co.uk?

✓ Zero upfront investment
✓ Prices from £2.70 per hour
✓ No long-term commitment
✓ No minimum agreement
✓ We install for you
✓ Training provided