Automatic Bagging Equipment

Automatic bagging equipment

Automatic bagging equipment is no more a new operation. In the mid 1988s industries started providing bagging equipment to customers packaging their products in bags. In the year 1982, Hamer Fischbein started using automatic bagging equipment when they introduced horizontal form used in filling and sealing packaged rice in market. There have been many other industries offering bagging automatic technology since then. There are more than 84 companies scattered around the world that offers Automatic bagging equipment.


Examples of Automatic bagging equipment from are;

  • Throughput: 300 p/h – 6,000 p/h, this rotary packer automatic bagging equipment is a new generation of bagging systems with the worlds latest microprocessor.
  • Salt Packaging machine weighing machine. Its cost about $4,500 – 8,000 USD
  • Charcoal Bagging machine cost about $ 5,400 – 5,500 USD
  • Pouch/sachet bag water bagging machine and the new cost about $1,500 -2,800 USD
  • Biodegradable plastic bagging machine, it cost about $5,500-11,000 USD
  • Non-woven bagging machine, it cost about $5,800 – 9,800 USD
  • Zip bagging machine, it cost about $ 9,000 – 11, 000 USD
  • Sugar pillow bagging machine cost about $7,000 – 8,000 USD
  • Tissue paper bagging machine, it cost about $9,900 – 10, 500 USD factory price
  • Multi-function baggine machine cost about $4,000 – 8,000 USD
  • Sugar bagging machine cost about $21,000 – 27, 000 USD factory price.
  • Fischbein Inglett Model Bp – 3560 Automatic Bag Handling/Filling
  • Hamer Model 2090 Form/Fill/Sea L Bagging System
  • Chantland AP 2300 Automated Bag Place and Filler.

Automatic bagging equipment helps manufacturers increase efficiency and production. Some of this Automatic bagging equipment have the capacity to speed up to 30 bags per minute, with systems that take care of bags from fill to closing. The applications Automatic bagging equipment are very easy and require not much training before operating it.

Most packaging operations cannot be done without packaging or bagging equipment. For instance, some packaging requires heat to seal the bag or package. With many producing industries, the heat seal is essential and critical to the safety of a product. Eg. Food, drugs, among others.

In choosing a bagging machine, it is essential that one checks the technical capabilities, how much work it can process, how safe it is for the one using it, maintainability, serviceability, reliability, it’s cost, floor space, energy requirements, quality of outgoing packages, among others.

Automatic bagging equipment vary in sizes, which contributes to how much quantity it can produce in a minute.

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