Franka Emika

Franka Emika

Franka emika is a develop and design cutting edge robotic software and hardware. Franka emika have their headquarter in Munich. Franka emika team specialized in designing of cutting-edge, high quality industrial robots. Their main arm is to design and make robots a product by putting man at the centre of the robot development. This robot design model permits to seamlessly connect efficiency, intelligent automation and digitalization in other to achieve the best user knowledge.

Franka emika is said to be among the first generation cobot lightweight robot system that was design from the beginning to serve man and seamlessly relate with him. It’s a comprehensive out of the box and ready to use solution that is linked to a reachable and extendable network world of apps that will make it grow to become more proficient over time. Franka emika main vision is make everyone even ones without a programming skill, is to operate and program it with ease even within a few munities to do the most complex task.

Due to low procurement costs, the innovative ease the use and flexibility application possibilities of Franka emika. Franka emika is a faultless employee that has the capacity to safely work with human and gain more skills and experience over time. Due to demographic change businesses strongly consider flexible and affordable robotics and with Franka emika any person can program now.

Franka emika acts like a human arm and all the joint are highly sensitive. Franka emika have a human touch sense, its arm is agile as that of human arm, it’s easy to set up and use and are completely smart interactive solution. This type of robot called franka emika is designed to behave like human arm. One the unique characteristics of the franka emika just like the collaborative robot is designed specifically to help humans. Franka emika is a collaborative robot that is designed for everyone. It is not expensive, it simple to set up and franka emika is made in Germany. Franka emika makes a repetitive job very simple, easy and it if flexible, agile and with accuracy in tasks execution.  Franka emika helps industries to significantly cut down production costs and save time and at the same time relieve human workers of more demanding tasks.

Because of the fast-growing field of collaborative robots, robot is becoming more flexible, cheaper and safer to use for an increasing range of routine tasks. Franka Emika hope to seize this opportunity with its robotic arm.

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