Franka Panda Robot

The Franka Panda Robot is a collaborative Robot (cobot) and is particularly good at force/torque control and human-Robot interaction.  The robot is essentially designed to act like a Human arm and has high sensitivity within all of its seven joints. It has unique sensitivity, follows contours, has unique reachability and agility.

The collaborative Robot arm is incredibly cost effective and provides researchers with distinct features. These include seven degrees of freedom, torque sensing in all joints, access to multiple research Apps, full POS capability and 1KHz Control.

The Franka Panda Robot is designed to be accessible for everybody, it is an extremely capable power tool and very affordable for small businesses. The Robot is operable in minutes, incorporates a novel high-resolution, whole body sense of touch and can accomplish most delicate tasks safely and accurately.

One of its key features is safety but what makes it special is unlike typical factory Robots which can often be dangerous, the Franka arm can operate right next to people assisting them with tasks without posing a risk.

This makes the Panda Robot unique because it was specifically designed to operate alongside Humans. this type of system often known as Collaborative Robot or Cobot is one of the fastest growing segments of the Robotic market with sales estimated to rise to 3.3 billion Dollars by 2022.

We are living in the middle of a Robotics revolution and the Franka panda Robot has changed things in considerable ways.  The easy to program Robotic arm is specifically designed for small businesses and whilst it isn’t designed for personal use, something similar could be in the pipeline in the very near future.  These tasks would include cleaning, cooking food and assisting the elderly