Hire a Robot – Franka Panda from £2.70p/hour

Now that the UK government are investing millions in Robotic Automation, we at have made it easy for businesses to implement robots in the workforce. Bots flexible hiring service will allow businesses to be able to hire Franka Panda (and all our robots) from as little as £2.70p/hour.

Franka Panda is a sleek robot with human like senses that can automate almost any task. From picking to placing, glueing, welding, inspection and many more, this agile arm is the latest CE out of the box solution developed by Franka Emika. It is designed to increase productivity and efficiency on your production line. Franka Panda has a simple programming system where the user can easily automate tasks from a selection of apps.

At Bots Uk we believe that automation is the way forward in resolving any potential workforce shortages arising from Brexit. Shortages of workers coming from the EU means manufacturers will need to find an alternative solution to the rise in labour costs and the steep competition coming from the international market, more so China.

Hire Franka Panda

Hire Panda from £2.70 p/hour.

Bots hiring service allows manufacturers to remain on home soil and eliminates the potential risks of moving to a cheaper Asian market while increasing productivity and reducing work related injuries. We provide training on all robots and will even project manage the transition into your business without interfering with any exiting structures or systems.

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