Robot Automation Will Increase Due To The Recent Pandemic

It is predicted that the Covid-19 Pandemic will change manufacturing in many Countries and although many industries have been severely affected, other industries such as Medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage have increased dramatically. Manufacturers of medical equipment such as Masks, Gloves, hand Santisers and ventilators have seen a massive increase and demand for their products.


Many businesses who have seen increased demands have also faced other problems such as adhering to social distancing measures and guidelines within their work place. It is essential that they can work a strategy to ensure workers and staff can safely work whilst adhering to social distancing measures to keep themselves safe.


Robot automation already play a huge role in many industries and Robotics and automation will continue to play a crucial role in keeping people separated especially on the manufacturing floor.  Robotics are also playing a crucial role in the cleaning and disinfectant of premises especially public places such as Restaurants, Army Bases, Museums, Hospitals, shopping Centres and many more.


The UVC Disinfectant Robots have been in high demand since the Pandemic happened and many hospitals especially are using the Robots to ensure through and effective cleaning. This both saves time and ensures each room is cleaned thoroughly reducing the risk of infection to staff and patients.


Restaurants are using Robots to clean floors, wash dishes and safely deliver food to Customers, limiting human contact with food is going to be paramount as we continue to fight the pandemic. Robots in Restaurants are also helping with social distancing by reducing the amount of staff in kitchens.  This is increasing customer confidence and also allowing staff to interact with Customers more.


Robotics and automation is steadily increasing but the recent pandemic will see an increase in the way we use Robots within the workplace and those changes are likely to stay long after the pandemic has passed.