The most common tasks that pick and place robots perform

Pick and place robots have fast become an everyday sight in industry. They are highly beneficial when it comes to performing easy, repetitive tasks.

cobots designed to pick up objects and accurately place them elsewhere should be mounted on stable platforms. They then need to be carefully positioned so that they can access any point within a working radius. When fitted with advance vision systems, pick and place robots can grab and position objects that are moving on a conveyor belt.

The four basic types of task

Pick and place robots have broad remits. Two things determine this. One is the nature of the objects being handled, and the other is the owner’s goal in terms of the automation process. Basically, this category of bots is used in one of four ways.

Used in assembly

Typically, the robot is used to grab a component that enters its area of operation and assemble it to another component which then might, for instance, be placed onto a different conveyor belt.

Used in Packaging

In this type of function, a pick and place robot is tasked with grabbing an object and placing it into its designated packaging container. This type of work can be carried out at high speed.

Used for picking components from bins.

Robots designed to pick up parts from bins are fitted with advanced vision systems enabling them to identify the items they are to pick. The bot can be programmed to grab the right component from a bin containing different parts. Once identified and picked, the object is then typically placed onto a conveyor belt.

Used for inspection

Using their inbuilt advanced vision systems, robots designated to carry out inspection duties can scan items on a conveyor belt and pick out any that have defects. Any rejects are then grabbed and placed aside.

The above-given examples are the most common purposes for which pick and place robots are used. However, they are very versatile pieces of kit, and with the right fittings, they can be used for a variety of other bespoke operations too.

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