Cobots V Robot for Hire

Should you choose a cobot instead of a robot?

In the past few years, productivity has steadily increased in the manufacturing industry. Robots and cobots have had a lot to do with that. Cobots (or collaborative robots) have been a particular game-changer for most businesses. However, there have been lots of questions about cobots and the differences that distinguish them from robots.

Previously, users only had to determine what kind of industrial robot would be most suited for their application. Now, however, they have to determine whether a robot is what they need or whether a cobot would serve them better. To help end-users, we have gathered enough information that will help them make an informed decision when choosing between a robot and a cobot.

Cobot vs Robot: A simple explanation

The simplest way to make users understand how cobots differ from robots is by explaining the design. Cobots are designed to work alongside people while robots are designed to replace people. Cobots assist people with tasks that may be dangerous, tedious, or too strenuous for them, which creates a safer and efficient working environment. In contrast, robots automate manufacturing processes with repetitive motions and humans are usually not involved in those processes.

Advantages of cobots over robots

1. Smart and safe

Cobots work seamlessly with people. With the use of sophisticated sensors, they immobilize with the slightest touch, eliminating any chance of dangerous encounters. Safety fencing and closed areas are not necessary with cobots.

2. Teachable and flexible

Unlike robots, cobots are easily programmable. As a matter of fact, advanced cobots have the ability to learn independently, while others can be given instructions using graphic user interfaces. This makes them super flexible because employees can use them for different tasks.

3. Usable anywhere

Collaborative robots come in smaller sizes, making them easier to move and use in other departments. Most cobots are designed to be mounted almost anywhere, either horizontally or vertically.

4. Offering relief

Cobots perform tasks that may be potentially dangerous to people, like transporting sharp or hot objects safely. This results in fewer accidents and higher production rates.

Understanding the key differences between cobots and robots enable you to make a decision that is appropriate for your business needs.

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