Dual Gripper

Dual Gripper

Dual gripper means using two grippers on one robot. A gripper is a device used to hold an object to be manipulated. The easiest way to understand gripper is to think of human hand. The introduction of a Gripper was indeed a game changer and has provided a new era where robots and human workers safely and productively work together without barriers. Advanced human-friendly dual arm robot with innovation functionality intended to reveal enormous universal extra automation potential in industry. Gripper is intended for a new era of robotics, for instance in a small parts meeting, where robots and human being work alongside on the same job. Gripper helps to remove barriers to collaboration by making cages and fencing barrier as a thing of past.

Abb YuMi gripper can work with a variety of HMI devices, including tablets and smartphones.  It’s hands or servo grippers, have the option of a built camera, the padding on the arm makes it soft to touch, and its 100-240-volt power supply plugs into any socket worldwide.
Collaborative robots are proficient at adding flexibility to assembly processes that need to make small lots of completely individualized products, in short cycles.
By combining people’s unique ability to adapt to change with the robot’s tireless endurance for precise, repetitive tasks, it is possible to automate the assembly of many types of products on the same line.

Here are the list of six that you can do with dual gripper

Decrease cycle time. The core benefit of using dual gripper is to reduce the spend in the cycle process, this is possible because dual gripper permits one to pick up multiple items at the same time.

Increase grasping payload. Dual gripper has a maximum recommended payload capacity 5 kg and 2.5 kg respectively.

Grasp with more contact points. Dual grippers are unique for grasping application. Though most of the time two contact points is not enough. Dual gripper can be organised in such a way that they offer stability to an otherwise hard grasp.

Handle different object types. You don’t require to make use of the same type dual gripper set up. Because it’s possible to attach diverse end effectors to suit your grasping requirements

Do two tasks at once. Some industrial processes involve several similar tasks, which could be run at the same time using dual grippers.

Do palletising like a boss. Packaging operation can paybacks immensely dual grippers, particularly boxing and palletizing.

Integrating robot technology like dual gripper will help to relieve human worker of repetitive tasks and give them the opportunity to move into an advanced value tasks within a company.

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