Robots are revolutionising the film industry

Robots and cobots are becoming an increasingly necessary part of business operations for leaders in a wide array of industries. Indeed, robots represent a fantastic way to cut down on the amount of tedious and labour-intensive work employees need to take on and have proved particularly useful in the manufacturing and tech sector. Now, we are also seeing the rapid adoption of robotics in the film industry.

<h2>In what ways are robots being used by filmmakers?</h2>
To many people, filmmaking may seem like a pursuit grounded in creativity: not, perhaps, the domain of a robot. However, it is important to remember that the industry requires a great deal of tiring, repetitive and costly work such as:

– Setting up cameras
– Focusing the camera at particular angles
– Constructing dolly tracks
– Building props
– Preparing a set for a shoot
– Meticulous video editing

This is where robots come in. Manually setting up cameras onset is difficult and laborious. It requires precision, perseverance, and strength if the cameras are particularly large or heavy. With a robot in tow, filmmakers can programme their non-human companion to work as a skilled operator. This could mean making precise motions with a camera, pushing the camera along tracks or helping to produce high-quality, durable props by printing 3D models in line with the director’s wishes.

Robot Film hire

What next for the industry?

Traditionally, robots have very much stuck to their roles as characters in sci-fi movies. Think Wall-E, R2D2, or the Terminator. Now, real-world robots are becoming vital off-screen workers.

The ever-improving capacities of robots to speed up processes that have historically used up hours of filming and production time represents an exciting prospect for filmmakers. They have the potential to free up both time and money that could be spent on the more creative aspects of a filmmaker’s craft. In this way, you may start to notice films becoming sleeker, more experimental and, ultimately, more enjoyable.

Whether you work in the film industry or not, robots and cobots are here to stay and are set to transform our lives in myriad ways over the next few years. Contact Us to Find out more.

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