Photorobot is a great way to capture images. This photorobot technology helps customers to take 360-degree product image of almost any product you can imagine without minding the size. With photorobot you can configure the image of your product to your choice size, you can make the image of your product to be as small as ring or as big as a car. With photorobot you can take an impressive 360-degree pictures of your article, to make it viewable from any side you wish.

The first world photorobot was designed by an Australian inventor named Enrico Penzo and the name of that robot is called selfiebot. His photorobot is multi-functional and six foot tall. This robot is an elevated photo booth, a photo printer and videographer. Event industries make use of robotic platform in catering for their even.

Photorobot helps you to automatically captures all photo images of your products, post processes them, upload them to the cloud, and then get them ready review and online publishing within less than a single click. Photorobot provides different kinds of robots, motivated by the unique operating system, that is control by a cloud-based workflow, computerized photo capturing and photo processing tools which can easily be joined with a 3rd party software for maximum productivity and effectiveness.

Robotics photographic studios are very important in the world of e-commerce. Top online companies such as Amazon or louis Vuitton, eBay, make use of Photorobot systems. Photorobot new brand identity is based on hexagon a symbol associated with photographic shutter and cube.

Photorobot control software runs in the cloud, so you don’t need to invest to purchase powerful computers. A modern basic laptop or personal computer PC is ok. Photorobot provides a subscription for basic controls software. That permits you to control turntable, the lighting and the optional robot arm. Photorobot offers you with a cloud of solution that helps you to upload 360 files to your website with ease. For that you are not required to hire your own cloud storage and arrange the technical part. Photorobot make use of the fastest network, shared with CDN. Customers use their smartphones and computers to load 360 files and it is extremely fast.

Photorobot assures operation and reliability. Photorobot robotics arm is very important for shooting up and over your product, this is known as multi-row spin photography. The good news about photorobot is that it’s simple to use, lightweight and very reliable and expandable.

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