Roboshoot UK

Roboshoot UK

Roboshoot is TTL (time to live) triggers cameras used for Fujifilm series. This technological development product helps you us Fuji Speedlites in TTL mode on Fujifilm cameras. There are a lot of Fujifilm type of products in the market today especially in UK.  It is often the case that when one new product or innovation is introduce in the market, you will begin to see a lot of others follow producing similar products which will be like small improvement of the main product. Just one brand innovation and the rest will follow.

Roboshoot is truly a unique product. Their product is a TTL Trigger use for Fuji X-series cameras. TTL triggers has already been in existence Nikon and Canon cameras for a very long time, but roboshoot trigger is the first TTL trigger for Fujifilm. This seems to be already quite motivating, but it is far not the most fascinating feature of roboshoot triggers. Roboshoot triggers have the capacity to make use of Nikon speedlits on this Fuji X cameras series.

There are different fuji X – series cameras, which includes MX – 20 triggers, RX – 20, MX – 15 and RX – 15. The core different between RX – 15 trigger and RX -20 trigger series is that RX -20 trigger function with TTL Nikon Speedites while the RX -15 trigger counterpart do not, and the RX -20 trigger series offer additional control using iOS app.

The RX -20 trigger kit from roboshoot designed for the new generation of Fujifilm cameras X- series and that will trigger current Fuji X – series flash when its used in MX – 20 transmitters. What make RX -20 trigger kit extraordinary is its i-TTL compatibility. trigger supports Canon and Nikon’s SB – 600, SB – 700, SB – 900, SB – 910 etc at a distance which is up 120.

Features of Roboshot UK

Features of roboshoot series are:

  • Fujifilm X – series well-matched, TTL, off-camera flash trigger with up to four flash group.
  • I-TTL compatible with Nikon’s SB – 600, SB – 700, SB – 900, SB – 910
  • Fully automatic plug and play function
  • Flash Group profiles
  • Flash exposure lock.

The two X versions of roboshoot, basic (RX – 15 devices) and enhanced (RX – 20 devices) provide you with the choice of capabilities. RX – 15 and 20 Roboshoot devices are fully TTL compactible to all support flash, profile selection and flash exposure lock. Roboshoot MX – 15 and RX – 15 flash trigger kit Fujifilm X – series cost about $220.68 while MX -15/RX-20 roboshoot wireless flash trigger kit is about $299.95 USD.

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