YuMi Robot Cost

YuMi robot cost

The name YuMi, stands for You and Me.  YuMi is the first collaborative dual arm robot, designed to work alongside and integrated with humans. This dual arm ABB robot is perfect for small parts assembly and is really safe and very accurate. With a simple human touch, the robotics programmed to stop what it is doing in less than a second.  No fencing, no need for light curtains, no need for safety systems.  That is mostly because all of YuMi’s safety devices are built into the robot.

The cost of SpiesshofersayidYuMi robot is about $40,000 USD that is abb company price. YuMi is not has garnered an enthusiastic reception from customers.

YuMi can work with a variety of HMI devices, including tablets and smartphones.  It’s hands or servo grippers, have the option of a built camera, the padding on the arm makes it soft to touch, and its 100-240-volt power supply plugs into any socket worldwide.
Collaborative robots are proficient at adding flexibility to assembly processes that need to make small lots of completely individualized products, in short cycles.

Every year robot companies receive requests from customers, researcher and students about the prices of YuMi Robot. The prices of YuMi Robot is not specific and depend on a number of factors which will make it not for the answers to this questions.

The customers, students and researchers have to understand that the prices for new YuMi Robot and used YuMi Robot are not the same. Their prices differ greatly.

New industrial YuMi Robot varies in their cost depending on their sizes and capacities, new industrial YuMi Robot cost from $40,000 USD to $8o,000 complete with controllers and tech pendants. Industrial robot system costs from $100,000 to $150,000.

While the used YuMi Robots are less expensive that is while many small industries and start up companies go for it. Typically, the used YuMi Robots cost about half as much as the new YuMi Robot. Used YuMi Robot cost ranges from $20,000 to $40,000 and YuMi Robot with complete application parts cost from $50,000 and $70,000.

Though there are different manufacturers of YuMi Robot but surprisely, there is little different in YuMi Robot cost base on manufacturers. The same sized YuMi Robot do similar function and cost almost the same thing.

Therefore, YuMi Robot cost is directly related to the task it can perform, the size and the models.

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