Yumi U

Yumi Yu

YuMi is the first collaborative dual arm robot, designed to work side by side and integrated with humans. This dual arm ABB robot is perfect for small parts assembly and is really safe and very accurate. With a simple human touch, the robotics programmed to stop what it is doing in less than a second.  No fencing, no need for light curtains, no need for safety systems.  That is mostly because all of YuMi’s safety devices are built into the robot.

YuMi is a manipulator arm developed to be used in a manufacturing environment where robots and human workers work together. Its compressed, accurate, and optimized for manufacturing tasks. YuMi robot arms are very soft, in case you want to work next to it and it by chance thwacks you.

YuMi, the name stands for You and Me. This YuMi robot is the future of robotics and comes along with the innovative ABB IRC5 controller, it comes with the TrueMove and Quick Move technology and I/O interfaces include Ethernet IP, Profibus, USB ports, Device Net, communication port, emergency stop and air-to-hands.

YuMi works with a diverse of HMI devices, including smartphones and tablets.  It’s hands or servo grippers, have the option of a built camera, the padding on the arm of YuMi robot makes it soft to touch, and its 100-240-volt power supply plugs into any socket worldwide.


Collaborative robots are proficient at adding flexibility to assembly processes that need to make small lots of completely individualized products, in short cycles.

YuMi which is a new generation of robots was intended to end the separation robot and human workers. YuMi was introduced during the Hannover Messe, one of the world’s biggest industrial trade fair by ABB. They hope to remove the boundaries of robotics by enlarging this type of manufacturing processes that can be mechanized with robots. YuMi has made possible the new era where robots and human being work together. YuMi makes teamwork between robots and human being a thing of reality. This development in the world of industry is as a result of many years of research and has change the way robots and human work and interact.

YuMi was designed specifically to meet flexible production requires of the electronics manufacturing industry. YuMi is light weighted yet with rigid magnesium skeleton shielded with a moving plastic casing to absorb effects.

YuMi products is designed to be easy to setup and use, thanks to its intuitive lead through programming.

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