ROBOT Automation

Robot Automation is the process of using software to automate manual processes.

Automation brings Efficiency, Speed, Quality Control and Accountability to your workplace.

The UK has the Lowest Automation Process Per Worker than any other country therefore automation will allow the UK to catch up with its international counterparts in achieving Industry 4.0 standards.

Bots UK specialise in robotic automation and our team will assist you in determining which robot/app best fits your production needs. Our flexible rental service allows customers to trial robots and monitor their performance through our versatile app.


Robots UK are the only UK manufacture able to provide our clients with our in-house Robot Measurement App. The Productivity & Measurement App allows our clients to track, monitor and report on the progress of the robots.

Bots UK has designed the App to help our customers in ensuring the robot is a positive addition to your business and allows you to monitor its performance and efficiency on a day to day basis.

Free for 1 year with the purchase/hire of any robot
£1549 for initial set up for 1 year
£949 per year thereafter

We offer independent advice from technically trained automation experts, packed full of experience first hand from industrial environments.

The team at Bots can provide assistance and guidance when developing and delivering a cohesive plan for your automation project

Our Automation experts can assess and evaluate your current processes and offer complimentary advice for best practices for improving efficiency, competitiveness and quality.

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