What is Robot Automation?
Robot Automation is a method of automating repetitive tasks and processes at your site to maximise productivity, quality, safety and efficiency while reducing damages and costs.

Different types of Robot Automation
Machine Automation (Industrial robots/machinery)
Robotic Automation (Collaborative robots/machinery)*
Software Automation (Software robots/ machinery)

Understand the difference between industrial and collaborative robots here

* Bots.co.uk specialises in introducing versatile collaborative robots in the workplace. 

The growth of collaborative robots
The use of collaborative robots as part of factory and robot automation is massively growing across the world. Exponential growth is expected in the UK as use contributes towards cost reductions, improved quality, increased production, and improved workplace health and safety.

The main drivers for this growth are the adoption of automation to ensure quality production and meet market demand, and the growing demand from small- and medium-scale enterprises in developing countries.

Industrial Robot Set-Up

Collaborative Robot Set-Up

We offer independent advice from technically trained automation experts, packed full of experience first hand from industrial environments.

The team at Bots can provide assistance and guidance when developing and delivering a cohesive plan for your automation project

Our Automation experts can assess and evaluate your current processes and offer complimentary advice for best practices for improving efficiency, competitiveness and quality.

Universal UR5 and UR10

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