Robotic Spray Painting Arm

Robotic spray painting arm

Robotic spray painting arm is a painting process in which spray painting is done by robots arm to reduce the human load. Robotic spray painting arm has been used for many year in automotive spray painting applications. The early version of robotic spray painting is hydraulic which are still in used today by many industries although they are of inferior quality and safety when compared with the latest electronics offerings. Automatic spray painting robots mostly use this first version of painting robot called hydrautic drive, that is characterized with fast action and explosion proof performance.

Originally robotic spray painting arm were very large and expensive, but robots prices have reduced to the point that even small industries can now afford robot spray painting arm and the level of automation used by the big automotive industries.

The choosing of modern robotic spray painting arm differs much more in size and payload to reach many painting item of all sizes. spray painting robot have five to six axis motion originally, three for the base motions, while they have also up to three for applicator orientation.

Robotic spray painting arm are mostly used by vehicle manufacturers to do detailing works on their vehicles in a systematic way. Some of this robotic spray painting   has arm that enable them to move vertically and horizontally, to spray paint to vehicle from every direction and on all parts of the car.

There are many companies that produce industrial spray painting arm that are sold to painting industries for use. For instance, company like FANUC has continue to produce many of this painting robot arm and sold to manufacturers for use.  According to FANUC website reports, these spray painting robots arm  are useful in reducing hazard such as paint toxic, limiting  material waste through consistent application  and growing productivity. robotic spray painting arm can also be used for automatic spray painting of other industrial paint robot.

The benefits of robotic spray painting arm is that it spray accurate, normal operation time is not long, it work for 24 hours uninterrupted with high reliability. It sprays paint with speed, it spray evenly and adjust the gun level and change automatically according to the workpiece.

the robotic spray painting arm available in the market includes;

  • CNC automation system 6 axis 6 dof painting robot spray arm machine
  • Education robotic spray painting small industrial robot arm 6 axis
  • Robotic hand and industrial robot price KF194 spray painting robot arm 6 axis
  • Spray painting robot arm 6 axis pvc coating line tialn coating robot painting machine.

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