How to protect robots with a robosuit

A robosuit robot is a custom-fitted covering that offers a robot protection from dangerous manufacturing or operating environments. A robosuit is specially made to cover the mechanics and motors of a cobot (collaborative robot) or robot without having any negative impact on the robot’s ability to manoeuvre or compete programmed actions.

Why choose to invest in a robosuit?

Extreme hot or cold temperatures are the main reason Robosuit hire has become so popular in the UK. Robots and cobots can only operate in certain temperatures so, if the temperature of a work environment is significantly higher or lower than this, operational functions are likely to cease. Robosuits protect robots from extreme external atmospheres so that motors and other core components will not overheat or freeze.

What does a robosuit do?

A robosuit protects a robot from extreme external conditions which would usually lead to the breakdown of the robot. It also helps to keep debris, caustic chemicals and grit away from the robot, thus increasing the longevity of the machine.

Are robosuits custom made?

Robosuit hire is easy because robosuits have been designed to cover pre-existing robots. So, unless you have a bespoke robot, it is unlikely that the pattern will need to be significantly changed. Of course, there are occasions where the materials used to construct the robosuit can be changed to accommodate your requirements.

Does my business need a robosuit?

Whether you choose to invest in a robosuit or hire a robot UK will depend entirely upon the conditions your robots are operating within, and the degree to which protection will be necessary. It’s possible just to purchase the piece of the robosuit required so that in the event of one part needing to be replaced you won’t have to replace the whole robosuit.

How long will a robosuit last?

Investing in robot hire or cobot hire to increase productivity in your business will often mean you also need to invest in a robosuit to provide adequate protection to your robots. The life expectancy of a robosuit will depend upon the conditions it is subjected to, but regular maintenance and repair will help ensure it lasts as long as physically possible.

Why should I purchase a robosuit rather than another type of protection?

Simply put, because there is no other adequate robot protection! Other types of robot covers often encroach on the floorspace and manoeuvrability of robots without providing the same high level of protection.

What kind of environments are robosuits used in?

A robosuit robot can be used in an extensive number of settings and have been used in the welding, car manufacturing, electronics and aviation industries. Welding, metalworks and forging environments particularly benefit from the addition of a robosuit to protect their cobot; as high temperatures, sparks and slag would quickly render the robot inoperable without such protection.

Robo-Gear UR10/10E Water-Resistant Style Cover

Full body cover of laminated polyester material provides water resistance protection. The one piece design installs over the robot sliding one way. Each end confirms to the robot to hold itself in place.

Each six units are laundered, HEPA dry and vacuum sealed.


Excellent general use material for most water-soluble coolants and cutting fluids, fine mesh grits and powders, de-ionized water, and limited protection from pressurized water spray/mist. Very low level of chemical and abrasion resistance. Wide range of color choices available